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Privacy Policy

Information Packaging is concerned with your privacy.

1. Collection of Data.

Data is collected from various points around our websites.
Including, but not limited to:

  • Order Forms
  • Quote Forms
  • Search and Other Forms
  • Email Contact Fomrs
  • Affiliate Signup Form
  • Mailing List Signup
  • Website Server Logs
  • Correspondence
  • Order forms and admin systems

    Order and Quote Forms:
    Information is collected at the time of a sale in order to complete the sale and provide the products or services.

    Search and Other Forms:
    The search and other forms on our sites collect information about what was submitted.
    This information is used to better understand the use of our sites. It is used in order to improve our service to you.

    Affiliate Signup Forms:
    Name, Address and Website details are collected to provide you with furthur information about our affiliate program and to pay you when commissions are due.

    Mailing List Signup:
    The mailing list signup collects your name and email address.
    This information is used to send emails as detailed in the next section

    Email Contact Forms:
    Email contact forms on our sites are used to pass your contact details through to the advertiser.
    The information you submit will then be subject to the terms and privacy policy of the advertiser's site.
    We track the number of emails sent, but no personally identifiable information through these forms.

    Website Server Logs:
    This information is collected by our server as you browse through our website.
    It collects your IP address, referral data, browser type, platform, country, pages downloaded, entry page, exit page and keyword used at a search engine to find our site.
    We also collect information about the amount of clicks from shareware and other websites to ours.
    This information is collected anonymously; it is never related back to any individual.
    This information is used for website monitoring, product development, website development, advertising, and business statistics.

    If you contact Information Packaging, your correspondence will be kept for future reference, which will include only the details you have provided with that correspondence.
    Information Packaging does not add the contact details from any correspondence to any mailing lists or databases.
    The information contained in the email will be used so that we may reply to your email.

    Order Forms and Admin Systems:
    Order forms on our sites are provided by third party processors and information submitted to them is subject to their privacy policies.
    The information you submit through our administration systems is used to provide a service to you.
    This information will not be passed on to any third parties except where required by law or with your written consent.

    2. Use and Disclosure.

    No data will be given to any third party unless required to do so by law, or with permission from you.
    We use the data collected to provide you with information about product updates, news and other items that may be of interest from Information Packaging.
    We may also include offers or information from third parties in our correspondence, however your details will never be given to any third party.
    Information collected from Affiliates is used to contact them regarding special promotions, new products, broken links and to arrange payment details.
    By purchasing a product, you are automatically subscribed to our mailing list. You may also receive information about product updates, and new products that may be of interest.
    Cookies are used to identify the Affiliate site that referred you to the Information Packaging website. This information is used to calculate the Affiliate's commission if you purchase a product or service. The cookie will remain on your computer for 6 months.
    Information Packaging uses the aggregate data to perform statistical analysis of the characteristics and behavior of our visitors and customers.
    If you enter a contest on the Information Packaging site, your information may be used to contact you if you win.
    Overall, anonymous statistics may be used for marketing and other business purposes and provided to third parties. However, your individual details will never be given to a third party unless legally required to do so.
    Information Packaging does not conduct unauthorized email campaigns, or "SPAM".

    Information Packaging does not attempt to collect personal information from or about children.
    If children do provide information to the information will be deleted where known.
    Information Packaging cannot always determine that a visitor is a child.

    3. Security

    Where sensitive data is collected, such as credit card numbers or other sensitive information, SSL is used to encrypt the data as it is transferred.
    Access to sensitive information is only provided to staff who require that information to complete their work.

    While Information Packaging cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration to data will not occur, we take many precautions to prevent such occurrences.

    4. Data Quality

    The quality of data is important to us.
    Please email if you wish to request details of information about you in our databases.
    Please email if you wish to update any information in our databases.

    5. Opt-out

    It is possible to be removed from future mailings by emailing with Remove in the subject.

    6. Opt-in

    Use this form to join our mailing list.

    7. External Sites

    Information Packaging has links to many external sites, however, Information Packaging has no control over any of these sites or their privacy policies, which may differ from our privacy policy.
    The listing of any site on the Information Packaging website is in no way an endorsement of the service or product provided.
    You should check the policies of each of these sites individually. Information Packaging may recieve commissions from sites we link to if you purchase goods or services. However, we do not endorse the external site's goods or services.

    8. External Advertising

    Information Packaging may allow other companies that are serving advertisements on some of our pages to set and access their cookies on your computer.
    The use of cookies by external sources is subject to the advertiser's privacy policy, not Information Packaging's Privacy Policy.
    Advertisers or other companies do not have access to Information Packaging's cookies or any other information except the aggregate site statistics for the entire site or parts of the site.
    Some external links from the Information Packaging website may track the amount of clicks that the advert or link receivces.
    Information Packaging may recieve commission on sales resulting from you clicking on these links.
    If you submit an email to an advertiser through one of our sites, you are then also subject to the terms and privacy policy of that advertiser, the details you submitted will be passed to the advertiser.

    9. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    Information Packaging reserves the right to change it's Privacy Policy at any time.
    Any changes will be made here, so please check back regularly.

    10. Questions and Feedback is a Pty Ltd website
    ACN: 122 386 118
    48 Golden Grove Ave
    Kellyville NSW 2155

    Additional Security Information
    This information is unrelated to this Privacy page, however keeping your privacy secure is on every ones minds. So considering the many options, which range from Security CCTV Cameras to simple security camera systems, one issue is certain - these matters will never fade again.

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