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APassword - Random password generator.

APassword allows you to generate from one to thousands of random passwords saving you time and ensuring your passwords are unique and extremely hard to guess.

At the click of a button the password is displayed in HUGE characters to allow quick and easy reading, ensuring there are no mistakes in conveying the password to your customers or staff.

Your passwords can be made up of a range of options including: Letters, Numbers, Symbols, Case Selection and more. These passwords can then be saved to disk in CSV, one per line format or even back to a list of read in usernames.

The ideal application for Help Desks, ISPs, System Administrators and anyone needing to generate a large number of passwords!

This application is a real time saver! Ensure you spend your time doing the things that count most, not generating passwords.

Add to all of this the best technical support around, free program upgrades, 30 day money back guarantee and you have a complete package. Information Packaging prides itself on great support and great software.


"APassword is absolutely terrific! I am a web designer/developer and network consultant. I am using it to generate passwords for userlist (about 300 names) for a private interactive site. It is saving me lots and lots of time.
Thanks for the great product.

APassword Features:

APassword is a Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP utility for generating random passwords.

Generate random passwords. (one at a time or in batches)

Write passwords to disk in CSV or one per line.

Display generated password in large font to help reading the password to a customer.

Load a list of usernames from a file.

Generate Random Username and Password Sets.

Multiple character set settings.

Multiple case settings.

Adjustable password length.

Free Support.

Some of the Awards APassword has won:

System Requirements:
Pentium or greater CPU
10 MB Hard Disk Space
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
VGA or greater display


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