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Removing Sites
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System Requirements


Use ALink to create, maintain and check your reciprocal links page. It has built in functionality to automatically send request emails and confirm links. It will also generate your page with the sites that link back to you.


After downloading ALink from our website, one of the mirrors or a shareware site, simply double click on the exe file.
You will then be guided through the installation process a screen at a time.


After running ALink for the first time, you should press the "Preferences" button and choose your settings.

Your Name: The name to use when sending emails
Your Email: The email to use when sending emails
Your Site Title: Used when requesting a link
Your URL: Used when requesting a link and also when checking for a link back to you on the site's link page, this field is CaSe SeNsItIvE so please ensure that it matches the link you are giving out for other sites to link to.
Your Link URL: The URL of your link page to inform other sites
SMTP Server: The address of your SMTP server (Your ISP or host will provide this)
Link Back: If ticked, this option adds a link to ALink on your links page (on permanently in the demo)
ToolTips: Toggles tooltips on and off throughout the program
OutPut File: The name and path of the file to save your links page to

In the folder where you installed ALink are several text files. These are used as templates for requesting and confirming links.
After editing these files, please keep a copy somewhere in a safe place as installing another copy of ALink may overwrite them

request.txt - Template used for requesting links.
confirm.txt - Template used to thank a site for adding a link.
When editing these files, you can use several variables which come from the fields of the selected site when adding or editing a site.
    $MYURL            - Your site URL as set in preferences
    $MYTITLE          - Your site title as set in preferences
    $MYRECIPROCALPAGE - Your link page as set in preferences
    $MYNAME           - Your name as set in preferences
    $MYTITLE          - Your site title as set in preferences
    $TITLE            - The title of the site
    $URL              - The URL of the site
    $NAME             - The name of the contact person you entered for the site
    $EMAIL            - The email address you have entered for the site
    $MYLINK           - The page that the site has it's links
    $NOTES            - Your notes about the site

Adding Sites:

Fill in the fields you wish to save about the site and press the "Add" button on the right of the main screen. The site will then be added to your list of sites at the bottom of the main screen. The fields available for each site are:
Site: A short text description of the site used to create the text for the link.
Site URL: The url of the main page of the site, used to create the URL for the link to the site.
Name: The contact name for the site.
Email: The contact email of the site.
Notes: Any notes about the site you may have.
Link Page: The URL of the page on the other site that links back to your site.
Note that each of the URLs should have the http:// on the front.

Modifying Sites:

Select the item you wish to update by clicking on it in on the main list. Adjust the fields as required in the main interface and then press the "Update" button on the right of the main screen.

Checking Links:

To check the links in your link list, simply press the "Check Links" button on the main screen.
The program will then visit every link page and determine if the page exists and if the site still links back to you. The program checks for Your URL: that is set in the preferences section during setup, so it is important to check that this has been setup correctly. It is best to include your basic URL like: without any extra page names as some sites may link back using a shorter or different url on your site and this will ensure that it detects most of the possibilities.
Based on this information the program will set a status for each site which is displayed in the status column of the program. The status is "OK" if the page exists and it links back. "No Link" if the page exists but there is no link to you. "404" if the page was not found.
When you press the "Generate" button to generate your links page, the program will then use this status to determine if your links page should include a link to the site in question.

Removing Sites:

There are 2 ways to remove sites, individually or remove all bad sites.
To remove a site individually, select it in the list and press the "Delete" button.
To remove all sites with a "404" or "No Link" status, simply press the "Delete Bad" button on the main screen and they will all be removed.

Generate The Links Page:

Press the "Generate" button on the main screen to create your links page with only the links that are good or new. It will be saved to the location you specified in preferences using the links.htm file located in the folder you installed the program to.
In order to customize the look of your links page, simply edit the links.htm file and then keep a copy of the file somewhere safe for future use.
Place $LINKS into the HTML where you would like the links to appear on the page.
(Note that $LINKS is case sensitive)
Then upload the page to your website.


To uninstall the program:
Use the Add/Remove Programs option under Start->Settings->Control Panel.


Sales Support:
Sales, Feedback or Non-Technical questions should be directed to our sales department.
Sales Support:

Technical Support:
Technical questions should be directed to our support department.
Technical Support:

Lost Registration:
Lost registration details can be retrieved using this form:

Your registration details will be emailed to you the next working day.

System Requirements:
Pentium or greater CPU
10 MB Hard Disk Space
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
VGA or greater display
Manual for Version 1
Manual for Version 2

Screen Shot

ALink V1
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