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AKeeper - Personal Password, Username and Serial Database.

AKeeper is an easy to use Personal Password, Username and Serial Database, use it to keep all of your important information in one safe place so you never loose them again.

Use it to record all your usernames, passwords, urls, serials, registrations and more all in the one easy to use program.

Keep all of your usernames and passwords in the one spot for easy, convienient access. Don't ever loose your passwords again, avoid the hastle of lost password forms and sending emails to your software providers. You'll never loose your passwords and important site information again!

Add to this the best technical support around, free program updates, 30 day money back guarantee and you have a complete package. Got a problem? Need to know how to do something? Just ask our tech support. and they will be glad to help. Information Packaging prides itself on great support, don't wait days for answers or get no answer at all, try us!

Try AKeeper now by clicking on the "Download" link below.


Track your passwords

Track your registrations

Track your serial numbers

Free Email Support

Free Upgrades


System Requirements:
Pentium or greater CPU
10 MB Hard Disk Space
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
VGA or greater display


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